Speeches and Workshops

Speeches.  We present one- to two-hour speeches or presentations on messaging, branding, or related issues for organizations, keynotes, boards, etc. 

Workshops.  We conduct half-day, full-day, and multi-day workshops for U.S. state parties and progressive organizations, Members of Congress and Congressional staff, nonprofits and foundations, candidates and their staffs, international parties (e.g., Labor and Social Democratic Parties and their foundations), and corporations.  

For several years, with Media Matters, we led the Progressive Talent Initiative (PTI), a three-day intensive message and media training course, which trained many commentators and talk show hosts you now see on television.  We similarly did message and media training for the House Progressive Caucus.

Workshops are typically both didactic and interactive, often with a structure similar to the following, whether in person or remotely in the era of the pandemic:

Three principles of effective messaging


Principles of messaging applied to: abortion, immigration, education, progressive economics, taxes and deficits, energy and climate, etc.


Trouble-shooting the language of your organization or issues you may need help discussing with your constituents (interactive format, often using your organization’s or affiliates’ websites, current messaging materials, etc.)